Development Zone: innovation factor activates the transformation and upgrading of the original power

Recently, ZhongFuLianZhong wins the national manufacturing demonstration enterprise individual ·champion title which is a good news to all. ZhongfFuLianZhong ,after years of development, the transition has made it from digestion of the absorbed imported technology to independent innovation.Moreover,zhongfulianzhong is at a leading domestic level in the research and development of the leaves, manufacturing technology of the leaves, research and development of the key equipment and technology of the leaves, along with other aspects in the testing leaves.Additionally, it has provided more than 400 MW total leaf for offshore wind power project.
Positive innovation, is now bringing more high quality economic growth to the Development Zone. In recent years,local Development Zone, actively has carried out the innovation-driven strategy, highlight the cultivation of innovative enterprises,and vigorously promote the construction of innovation carrier such as the research and development institutions of the enterprises.As a result, the core competitiveness of enterprises get continuously enhanced . Data shows that the zone has 2 innovative enterprises, 37 national high-tech enterprises, 55 small and medium-sized enterprises that are provincial science and technology kind;also the zone creates 6 national industrial bases and 102R & D institutions that are above the provincial level.What’s more , the zone, for four consecutive years, won the two national science and technology progress award.
Since this year, the local development zone has led the industry to develop , highlighted the precision of professional investment,and improved the project management of the whole process around the "232". From the January to the October of this year, the life and health, large equipment, precised machinery, advanced materials, consumer electronics and other five leading industries of the development zone achieved a total production value of 58 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 8.9%.20 municipal key projects have been completed an investment of 4 billion 380 million yuan, an annual output of 4000 tons of zhongjintai aluminum pharmaceutical packaging foil project is completed.And Haosen Pharm applys for GMP certification for pharmaceutical preparations international focus on disease drug industrial base project. Moreover,in the aspect of technological transformation projects, the development zone has completed 6 billion 770 million yuan investment in technological reform, and the implementation of more than 30 million yuan project 74.