Nonstop high-speed rail lines from Lianyungang to Linyi and Qufu are expected to open within the year

On the 15th, the last 500-meter rail was laid firmly on the track board by the WZ500 track-laying machine near the Qufu East Station, which marks the successful completion of the construction of the High-speed Railway of South Shandong from Rizhao to Qufu section by the China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., LTD. The 455-kilometer track-laying task was successfully completed, which laid the foundation for the joint commissioning of the road section on August 1 this year and the opening to traffic at the end of the year. The railway will be connected with Rizhao West Station of Qinglian Railway, which means that nonstop high-speed rail lines from Lianyungang to Linyi and Qufu are expected to open within the year.

The high-speed railway of South Shandong starts from Rizhao and goes westward through Linyi, Qufu, Jining and Heze. It is connected with Lankao South Station of Zhengxu Dedicated Passenger Line. It has a total length of 494 kilometers and a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. It is the “four vertical and three horizontal and one ring dual core” of Shandong Province. It is an important part of the high-speed railway network planning, the important connecting channel of the national “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway network, is also the railway project with the longest construction mileage, the largest investment scale, the most complicated construction conditions and the largest population along the route in Shandong Province. The line adopts the segmentation construction mode which consists of Rizhao-Linyi section, Linyi-Qufu section, Qufu-Heze section and Heze-Lankao section.

It is reported that the High-speed Railway of South Shandong has set a number of "firsts" in the history of China's high-speed railway construction since its start-up: 38 days to produce the first box girder of the whole line, 4 months to complete the removal of all the red lines from Linyi to Qufu and three power relocations with the fastest progress in the country. It took 5.5 months to start construction and achieve the first hole box girder erection, which halved the amount of time it would take in similar projects. One and a half years were spent to start construction to achieve track laying, which refreshes the national record of high-speed railway construction.

According to the construction plan, Rizhao-Linyi section, Linyi-Qufu section of the South Shandong High-speed Railway will open at the end of this year, and the Qufu-Heze section will open at the end of May 2022. Yang Junquan, the deputy general manager of South Shandong High-speed Railway Company, said that after the completion of the South Shandong High-speed Railway, it will interconnect with Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Qinglian Railway, Zheng-Xu Dedicated Passenger Railway, the planned Beijing-Jiulong Dedicated Passenger Railway and five National Trunk Railways along the Second Passenger Line of Beijing-Shanghai. This will end the history of the inaccessibility to High-speed Railway in Heze and Linyi, which is of great significance to promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society along the line. To the east, Qingdao can be connected by Qinglian Railway through Qingrong Intercity Railway to Yantai and Weihai; to the south, the planned coastal express railway corridor will connect Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang; in the middle, through the hinterland of Yimeng Revolutionary Area, Qufu can be connected with Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway directly to Beijing; to the west, Heze is a joint with Xiongshang Railway. And it goes still westward to connect with Lankao South Railway Station. The Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed railway goes directly to Zhengzhou, and then connects Shanxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces and cities.

It is estimated that the departure time from Linyi to Beijing and Shanghai will be reduced from more than 10 hours to about 3 hours. It takes about one hour from Lianyungang to Qufu.