Pharmaceutical industry of Lianyungang becomes the most competitive “corps of new nrug research and development”

Recently, China Pharmaceutical R&D Strength List 2019 (including General List, Chemicals List, Traditional Chinese Medicine List, and Biological Medicine List) and China's Top CRO 20 in 2019, which attracted much attention from the industry, were released, and all the leading drug companies in Lianyungang City were on the list. Hengrui Medicine ranked first in the list of general and biological medicine, Chiatai Tianqing ranked first in the "Top 100 China Pharmaceutical R&D Strength List 2019” and Hansoh Pharma ranked sixth in the list of chemical drugs. Kanion Pharmaceutical ranks the third in the list of traditional Chinese medicine. The release of this list once again highlights the strength of the pharmaceutical R&D industry in our city, and demonstrates once again the consensus among the community that Jiangsu and Lianyungang are at the core of Chinese pharmaceutical innovation.
It is understood that the list was released by the "China Medical Health Industry Development Conference 2019 and the Fourth China Medical Research and Development and Innovation Summit" (PDI). The five rankings are based on the data of drug acceptance and approval of pharmaceutical enterprises in 2018, R&D investment in 2018, the publication of the evaluation results of the National Enterprise Technology Center in 2018-2019 by the Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the prorated calculation of brand performance.
Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the pharmaceutical industry in Lianyungang has further deepened the enterprise development strategy driven by innovation, gradually established a pharmaceutical R&D system in line with the international market, and constructed a modern R&D system from new drug discovery, pre-clinical research and clinical research to post-marketing research. The efficiency and profits of new drug R&D have been significantly improved. The relevant person in charge of the achievement office of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that at present, the research and development of new drugs in our city has entered the harvest period, creating a "Lianyungang phenomenon" that each year can see a new generic drug go to domestic market, and a new drug get approval in one to three years.
At the same time, since the 18th National Congress, Lianyungang’s pharmaceutical industry has also constructed a diversified R&D model. While strengthening its own R&D, Hengrui Pharmaceutical has actively introduced the global R&D achievements and accelerated the construction of a sound enterprise product line. Recently, for example, Hengrui Medicine announced an agreement with Mycovia Pharmaceuticals Inc. to introduce its patent lead compound VT-1161 (also known as Oteseconazole) for the treatment and prevention of various fungal infections. Chiatai Tianqing expedites the construction of a global R&D system by cooperating with foreign enterprises. Hansoh Pharma further strengthens its soft power of R&D through the capital market. Kanion Pharmaceutical has built its unique innovation system in the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine. Lianyungang’s pharmaceutical industry is leading the pace of pharmaceutical innovation in China through the construction of diversified industrial R&D system, and is gradually becoming the most competitive "New Drug Research and Development Corps" of the national team, according to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.
What’s more, since the 18th National Congress of CPC, Lianyungang’s pharmaceutical industry has also accelerated the construction of high-end talent team and R&D institutions. R&D institutions have been established in the United States, Europe, Japan, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing and other countries or regions, gathering high-end R&D talents and building high-end R&D organizations comparable to international first-class pharmaceutical R&D enterprises, which will be the driving force for a new round of development for the city’s pharmaceutical industry.