Since July 10, three trains will travel through Lianyungang to Beijing Daily

The author knows that in order to meet the increasing demand of summer passenger flow, starting from July 10, the railway department will open the temporary train from the south of Beijing to the east of Funing, stopping at Lianyungang Station and Ganyu Station. By then, the number of trains entering Beijing will increase to three a day.
According to reports, the newly added Beijing South-to-Funing East G4967 train departs from Beijing South Railway Station at 6:15, reaches Ganyu Railway Station at 11:30 and Lianyungang Railway Station at 11:48. The G4968 train from Funing East to Beijing South departs from Lianyungang Station at 15:49, Ganyu Station at 16:07 and Beijing South Station at 21:39. At present, tickets can be purchased on 12306 website. The second-class fare from Beijing South to Lianyungang is 410 yuan. After the operation of this train, the number of trains entering Beijing will increase to three a day, namely G482, G4968 and K1614, which will further facilitate the travel of the citizens in our city.
It is known that from 0:00 on July 10, the national railway will implement a new train diagram and summer operation diagram. Two new trains will be added to Lianyungang Station and several trains have been adjusted. The G481 train entering Beijing will also increase the number of stops at Ganyu Railway Station to facilitate public transportation. Railway department reminds that the train schedule has been changed a lot after the map adjustment on July 10. Citizens need to know in advance before going out and buy tickets as soon as possible. At that time, the passengers are required to check the ticket to the station name carefully so as to avoid delaying the journey.