2019 Beautiful Haizhou Rural Leisure Tourism Festival Launched

Yesterday morning, the Beautiful Haizhou Rural Leisure Tourism Festival and the First Punan Grape Picking Festival were launched. Wang Libin, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee and the Municipal Standing Committee, attended the launching ceremony.

In recent years, Haizhou District attaches great importance to the development of rural tourism, guides the development of "tourism + agriculture" model, develops rural tourism industries such as farming culture, leisure sightseeing and parent-child picking, innovates and develops rural tourism projects, and adds six provincial star-rated rural tourism zones, such as Crescent Island, Golden Tide and Green Valley and Punan Agricultural Demonstration Park. Fifty-six family farms and rural picking sites have been built, and the brand influence of rural tourism has been greatly enhanced.

Since this year, Haizhou District has successfully held a series of rural tourism activities, such as "All-the-year-round Flower Appreciation in Flowery Haizhou", Plum Blossom Festival and Peach Blossom Festival, to further promote the development and upgrading of rural tourism and play a vital role in rural revitalization. Next, Haizhou District will further strengthen the development of rural tourism, adapt to the growing consumption and experience needs of urban and rural residents, let more citizens and tourists experience the pastoral life of "living in farmhouses, eating farm meals, doing farm work and enjoying folk customs" in Haizhou, and make every effort to launch the new business card of rural tourism in Haizhou.