Lianyungang Railway Station will go into service and be more convenient for people to travel next month

According to the Municipal RailwayOffice, the new Lianyungang Railway Station, which has received much attention,will be put into operation in November this year. It will be more convenientfor people in Lianyungang City, especially those in Haizhou District, to travelby train.

In 1998, the East Longhai Railway was reorganized and opened to traffic.The original Xinpu section of the railway line was reoriented around the city'surban periphery, and the original Xinpu Station was moved to Yanhe Road Squareon Renmin Road. In order to amend the corresponding relationship between cityname and station name, the original Xinpu Railway Station was renamedLianyungang Railway Station on January 1, 2004.

In 2015, the Municipal RailwayOffice announced that due to the construction needs of the newLianyungang-Yancheng Railway Station, the Lianyungang Railway Station wasdemolished and rebuilt as a whole, and the transition from another station wasadopted during the construction. From 0:00 on March 20, 2015, the passengerservice of Lianyungang Railway Station was temporarily transferred toLianyungang East Railway Station.

Yesterday, a specific time was set to put the new Lianyungang RailwayStation into operation. Yesterday afternoon, the correspondent learned from theMunicipal Railway Office that so far the project construction and the internaland external decoration of the new Lianyungang Railway Station have beencompleted. It was planned to be put into operation in November this year. Inorder to ensure the smooth opening to traffic, the relevant departments willtake positive measures to speed up the pace of work, and make a good preparationfor the Guest-meeting Avenue, environmental improvement, bus connection andother related work in advance.

There are 5 large railway comprehensive passenger transport hubs among the45 hubs in Jiangsu Province, of which Lianyungang Railway Station is one.It’s known that the newly built Lianyungang Railway Station covers an area of20120 square meters. The station and yard are equipped with a general speedfield and a high speed field. The general speed field has 5 stations and 14lines, mainly used for the arrival and departure of the Lianyan Railway and theLianhuai-Yangzhen Railway. The high speed field has 4 stations and 8 lines,mainly used for the arrival and departure of the Lianxu Railway. 

Zhu Hongchang, head of the new Lianyungang Railway Station project, saidthat the 147-meter-wide Lianyungang Railway Station has a 100-meter-widewaiting area on the second floor and a waiting area on the first floor. A totalof 1,600 waiting seats were arranged to meet passengers’ waiting needs atpeak times. In addition to toilets, boiling water, passenger duty room andother necessary facilities, there was also a fully functional passenger servicearea on the second floor, including some smokeless light catering, local specialtysupermarkets and so on. In the future, 8 automatic gates will be set up, andthe efficiency will be greatly improved.

By the end of this year, the railwayfrom Lianyungang to Qingdao and Yancheng will be open to traffic. By then, thecitizens of Lianyungang will be able to travel quickly and conveniently to allparts of the country by train at the new Lianyungang Railway Station.