Lianyungang warmly embraces National Day Golden Week Holiday

Tourism is booming, business is hot, and tourists are reaching new heights.During the National Day Golden Week this year, Lianyungang residents' consumptionwas ignited by the first wave of holidays in autumn shopping season. And thenumber of tourists coming to Lianyungang was on the rise. Businesses competedagainst each other, while the number of travelers hit a new peak again. Datashow that in the National Day Golden Week, 40 shopping malls, supermarkets andrestaurants, such as the RT-Mart, Suning Plaza, Central Department Store, and JiaDe Fu, which were surveyed by the municipal authorities, have achieved salesexceeding 86 million yuan, an increase of about 10% over the same period last year.

Shows rallying around a central theme were held by sellers, while instantonline thriving shops gained widespread popularity as well. Data show thatduring the National Day Golden Week, seasonal clothing, shoes, hats, gold,silver, jewelry, household appliances and other commodities sold like hot cakesin the city. The trend of consumption structure upgrading is obvious. Newautumn and winter clothing has appeared on the market and sales have increasedrapidly. According to the sales of department stores, electric appliance storesand automobile 4S stores, clothing sales in autumn and winter increased by morethan 16% and household appliance sales increased by 20% year on year. Eachbookstore has accumulated sales about 11 thousand books, an increase of about5%. The central-theme show has become a popular event in this year's businessholiday planning. In the National Day Golden Week this year, all businesseshave shown "aspiring" ambition, showing their own housekeeping skillsto play the central theme show. Suning Plaza launched Mr. Ye's wedding show,hip hop dance competition and other activities. Wanda Plaza presented alarge-scale dancing show, group square dance show, clown tour and other showvenues. Insiders said that during the Golden Week this year, the three majorcommercial complexes in Haizhou District experienced the consumer market throughcentral theme shows and other activities to enhance interactions betweenconsumers and businesses. Sales reached peak again. In addition, during the NationalDay Golden Week, the catering industry in our city has taken on the new characteristicsof mainly holding wedding banquets supplemented by family banquets and get-togetherswith friends. Large and medium-sized hotels and restaurants were catering weddingbanquets almost every day. The daily turnover of wedding banquets accounted formore than 70% of the total business income of these hotels and restaurants. Accordingto our survey, Yuntai Hotel, Quanjude Restaurant, Shenzhou Hotel, HuaguoshanHotel and Yulan Restaurant, the five key catering enterprises, have exceeded abusiness income of 3 million yuan in seven days, an increase of 23% over the sameperiod of last year. Yuntai Hotel has achieved a turnover of 1.3 million yuan,an increase of more than 33% over the same period of last year.

Around 1.28 million tourists were enjoying holiday. Around 4 p.m. onOctober 2, Huaguoshan Avenue which is near Shenghu Road was packed with privatecars traveling from other places. As the parking lot in the scenic spot wassaturated, the public security and tourism departments prepared shuttle busesfor tourists to enter and leave the scenic spot in order to smooth the road. Onthe same day, shuttle buses made more than 150 trips to and from the scenicspot.This illustrated an overwhelmingvolume of tourists in the National Day Golden Week this year in microcosm. Thecity's 17 key scenic spots included in the statistics had received 1,277,300 touristsby yesterday afternoon, an increase of 21.25% year-on-year. Tour ticket sales amountedto 24,742,300 yuan, an year-on-year increase of 23.85%. During the National break,there were colorful touristic activities one after another in our city. YuntaiMountain Scenic Spot launched a campaign of Culture Week, including calligraphyand photography exhibitions andVegetarian DelicacyAppraisal. Time travel to the Republic of China in Lianyungang Old Street, 2018Lianyungang 1st Women's Cross-country Race, Chrysanthemum Exhibition at LianyungangNew Town, Lian Island Triathlon and some other activities were held. During theNational Day, in order to better reflect the widespread involvement of holidaytourists and the universal benefit of people, splendid touristic festivals invarious forms were carried out in every scenic spot of our city. A richcultural and touristic "feast" brings a wonderful holiday atmosphereof mountain and sea culture and leisure sports to tourists and citizens.  

The number of people travelling hasgone up to a new high. This National Day golden week, an invigorating autumnclimate contributed to people’s traveling, visiting relatives andfriends. According to the statistics of Lianyungang East Railway Station, twomajor urban passenger stations and Lianyungang Airport, the number ofpassengers dispatched by the above three transport units during the longvacation reached 151,000, an increase of varying degrees compared with the sameperiod last year. In terms of the road transport, Suxin Express Passenger TransportStation welcomed the return peak on October 7th. "In this Golden Week, twostations witnessed a total of 3239 departures and transported 64,026 passengers,including 271 additional overtime buses. Compared with the same period lastyear, the number of buses was increased by about 8%, passenger flow increasedby 8%, and we also temporarily added 71 buses.” said Wang Ping, the chiefexecutive of Xinpu Bus Terminal, City Traffic Control. In terms of the railways, Lianyungang East Railway Station sent about55100 passengers during the National Day. Compared with the same period lastyear, the passenger flow was increased by about 7%. On civil aviation,Lianyungang Civil Aviation Airport achieved passenger throughput of 32427 tripsin the seven-day National holiday, an increase of 23.2%. Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Harbin, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Urumqi and other routeshave been sold out before the holiday. In the National Day holiday, flightattendance rates were more than 95%. As Thailand has gradually entered its peaktourist season, flights to Bangkok are also hard to get.