The Suburban Train Project of Lianyungang City has officially started

It is expected that the existing Longhai Line will be opened in September.

There are five stations along the line from Lianyungang Station to Lianyun Station.

The planned full-time operation is 16 hours (6:00 to 22:00) with 15 pairs at the initial stage, 17 pairs at the current stage and 23 pairs in the long run.

Yesterday morning, the suburban train project was announced to be started. Xugou Station Square began construction at first. The project is from Lianyun to Lianyungang of Longhai Railway, with five stations along the line and a total investment estimation of 610 million yuan. It is expected to open in September this year.

Using the existing Longhai Railway to run suburban trains conforms to the policy guidance of the state to encourage the development of suburban railways. It is of great significance to improve the city's multi-level comprehensive transportation system and transport structure optimization, to maximize the utilization of existing traffic resources, and to improve the level of basic public services in transportation.

Five stations are along the route.

The speed is 80 to 100 kilometers per hour.

Lianyungang suburban railway project is from Lianyun to Lianyungang of Longhai Railway, with a total length of 34.1 km. There are five stations along the line, namely, Lianyungang, Yantuo, Lianyungang East, Xugou and Lianyun with an average distance of 8.8 km. The total investment estimation of the project is 610 million yuan.

Among them, the speed of Lianyungang-Lianyungang East Line is 100 km/h, and the speed of Lianyungang East-Xugou Line is 80 km/h. The stopping period between Lianyungang and Lianyun is about 36 minutes, which has obvious time advantage. The operation management maintenance is under the charge of the existing Shanghai Railway Administration with an independent ticket checking and booking system, which is interchangeable with the citizen card. In the long run, with the development of the city and the relocation of the freight yard of Xinpu branch line, Hushan station, Beigushan station and Xinpu branch line are reserved to be rebuilt as the suburban railway line. Lingzhou Plaza Station will be set up.

Fifteen pairs will be started at the initial stage. 

Full-time operation time is 16 hours.

According to the report, suburban train passenger flow mainly consists of high-speed rail connecting passenger flow, commuting, visiting relatives, shopping passenger flow and tourist passenger flow. By using Longhai Line, the initial, current and long-term passenger flow of suburban train is estimated to be 3.29 million, 5.14 million and 8.18 million respectively. Among them, the passenger flow of high-speed rail transfer and connection is forecasted to be 800,000, 1.3 million and 2.15 million respectively in the early, current and long term. Commuting passenger flow forecasting in the early, current and long term is 1.16 million, 1.73 million and 2.61 million respectively. At the beginning, near and long term, this project undertakes 1 million, 1.5 million and 2.26 million tourist flows respectively. Other passenger flows are 1.49 million, 2.34 million and 3.77 million at the initial, current and long-term stages respectively.

According to the passenger flow forecast, the suburban train transportation organization plans to operate 16 hours (6:00 to 22:00), 15 pairs at the initial stage, 17 pairs in the near future and 23 pairs in the long term; 2 pairs. Two pairs are for the early stage, two pairs at the present stage and three pairs in the long term of peak hours (morning and evening peak).

Improving Travel Efficiency

Promoting the Development of Tourism Economy

As we all know, the central urban area of Lianyungang distributes in the east-west direction, and the centripetal passenger flow centered on Haizhou area is more obvious. With the acceleration of the integration of central development, the degree of passenger flow connection has been enhanced, and Haizhou and Lianyun Development Zone have the strongest degree of connection. At present, the bus passenger transport exchanges in Haizhou, Lianyun District and Municipal Development Zone mainly rely on BRT. The traffic structure is single with few inter-group corridors, inadequate traffic capacity, urban road traffic congestion, and comprehensive transportation system cannot meet the needs of social and economic development. Suburban trains can greatly improve travel efficiency, complement BRT, meet multi-level and diversified transport needs, improve multi-level urban comprehensive transport system, optimize transport structure, and become an effective complement to cross-district public transport in the city.

At the same time, the use of Longhai Railway to run suburban trains can make a "seamless connection" between the urban development zones, Lianyun Distric and Xuwei Districts which are not covered by high-speed rail and Lianyungang High-speed Railway Station, and improve the quality and efficiency of residents' travel. In addition, the suburban trains can radiate the main tourist attractions such as Yuntai Mountain, Lianyungang Old Street, Huaguo Moutain, Liandao Island and so on. They can also connect the international cruise passenger flow of the port. After starting the suburban trains, the transfer time and travel time of tourists are effectively reduced, and the comfort degree of tourism is greatly improved, which is conducive to promoting the development of tourism economy.